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I produce handmade unique massive furniture from spruce, fir and pine logs.

It all starts with searching for suitable wood in the forest, where I find appropriate trees that will not be able to grow anymore due to damages or terrain. When the tree trunks are ready, I take them home, where I debark them and prepare them for drying. It is important that the logs are dried slowly so that there are no excessive cracks.

For every furniture order, I choose suitable logs and start processing them. When all components of the desired piece of furniture are ready, I start composing it and soon there is a new piece of furniture in front of me. At the customer’s request, logs can also be polished or oiled, but the furniture can also be made without any coating, so that the wonderful smell of coniferous wood fills the room.

The log furniture is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


The furniture is produced from Slovene wood, primarily from spruce, fir and pine.


The furniture is handmade and completely tailored to your wishes.


I provide delivery and assembly at your home.

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